How to Use Parts Inventory in LucityAM…Part 7

In the next video in our Lucity inventory training series, we’ll be diving into the Part Purchase Order module.

When you need to add additional quantity to your part inventory, you’ll often want to track the purchase order process that happens when receiving this quantity. Well, good news, because LucityAM can cover your parts purchase order needs.  Continue reading

How to Use Parts Inventory in LucityAM…Part 5

The fifth video in our Parts Inventory series shines a light on Mobile (or rolling) Warehouses.

Lucity recognizes that warehouses can come in all shapes and sizes, and are not always made of brick and mortar. We’re talking about the warehouses that move with the work you perform: Mobile warehouses. When a warehouse in Lucity is linked with a piece of equipment, that piece of equipment can become the home base for parts used on work orders. Implementing the concept of mobile warehouses in Lucity can help streamline your allocation of parts on work orders. Let’s take a look at how to set up the mobile warehouse work flow.

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How to Use Parts Inventory in LucityAM…Part 4

The fourth video in our series focuses on the toolkits and grids within the Parts Inventory module.

Lucity’s Parts Inventory module offers a great deal of flexibility to address the needs of your organization. Inside of this module are a host of data grids that allow you tap into the specific details regarding each part record in your inventory. Within these data grids are toolkits that can be instrumental in fully leveraging the power of Lucity’s parts inventorying system. Transferring parts, adjusting part quantities, and changing unit costs are just some of tasks that can be performed here. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dig in!

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Android Release for Lucity 2.0

Today Lucity released an update to the Google Play store for LucityAM Mobile 2.0 for Android (Version 2.5) for use with versions 2016, 2016r2, 2017, 2017r2, and 2018. This update includes support for:

  • Prompting to select a work order view when creating a work order from a request, an inventory module or an inspection module. This functionality is not yet available for the map or offline. (Requires LucityAM 2018)
  • Searching in the Modules Menu
  • Restores Advanced Show in Map from the Work Order Asset grid
  • Standardizes address searching between the Search tool and Show in Map
  • Various bug fixes

The update can be downloaded from the Google Play store from your device. To enable updates automatically, open the Lucity Mobile 2.0 details page on Google Play, tap on the menu in the upper right corner, and check the box that says “Auto-update”.

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How to Use Parts Inventory in LucityAM…Part 3

As we continue this video blog series, we’ll be discussing the ins and outs of parts inventorying within LucityAM. Our first two posts were focused on the Work Material Setup module and Parts Warehouses.

This third part of our series will walk you through adding a new part to your inventory and using it within your work flow. Everything from linking your part record to a work material, adding quantity to the part’s inventory, and using the part on a work order will be covered here.

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