National Public Works Week WINNER!

We’re celebrating the Biggest Success of Lucity’s public works champions. The second day of our Public Works Week Contest highlights an accomplishment a few years in the making. We love to hear of those “Aha!” moments that happen at our Annual Conference & Training (ACT), and seeing them come to fruition is even better. You’ll all recognize and appreciate the amount of effort and dedication this goal presented, but the agency’s committment to efficient and effective public works efforts.  Continue reading

National Public Works Week WINNER!

Happy Public Works Week to all of our friends in the public works world! Thank you for all you do for your communities, and for all of us here at Lucity.

We were so excited to receive so many entries, and we truly enjoyed reading your submissions. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve selected winners to to honor each day this week. Today’s winner has been a Lucity user since 1999 (that’s nearly 20 years!) and as you can imagine their use of LucityAM has been a continually evolving and improving feat. They’ve truly become advisors for our Product Development team, and their creative uses of our software make them a fantastic resource for new users. Please join us in congratulating our first winners! Continue reading

National Public Works Week Contest

As those of you in the Public Works world likely know, National Public Works Week is May 20 – 26. This APWA-sponsored event is a celebration of all those who “provide and maintain the infrastructure and services collectively known as public works.”

Here at Lucity, we want to honor our friends who work in Public Works. We’re holding a contest of sorts, a way for you to show off your accomplishments and successes, and maybe win a little something in the process. Continue reading

How to Use Parts Inventory in LucityAM…Part 7

In the next video in our Lucity inventory training series, we’ll be diving into the Part Purchase Order module.

When you need to add additional quantity to your part inventory, you’ll often want to track the purchase order process that happens when receiving this quantity. Well, good news, because LucityAM can cover your parts purchase order needs.  Continue reading

How to Use Parts Inventory in LucityAM…Part 5

The fifth video in our Parts Inventory series shines a light on Mobile (or rolling) Warehouses.

Lucity recognizes that warehouses can come in all shapes and sizes, and are not always made of brick and mortar. We’re talking about the warehouses that move with the work you perform: Mobile warehouses. When a warehouse in Lucity is linked with a piece of equipment, that piece of equipment can become the home base for parts used on work orders. Implementing the concept of mobile warehouses in Lucity can help streamline your allocation of parts on work orders. Let’s take a look at how to set up the mobile warehouse work flow.

If you have any questions, or suggestions for future video blogs, please let us know!