gbaMS is now Lucity!

We are proud to announce that GBA Master Series, Inc. is now Lucity, Inc. The change reflects a reaffirmation of the accessibility, consistency and collaboration that sets us apart. Lucity is about providing our clients with clarity, through the connections the software makes and the connections we develop personally. Together with our clients, we are on a clear path to effective asset and maintenance management.

We’ve long considered a name change and new look. We’re proud of our heritage, but as we moved into the future we wanted an identity that better reflected our approach.

Lucity takes inspiration from the word “lucid,” meaning easily understood, and the Latin “lucis,” meaning clear and light. The suffix of “city” hints at our marketplace. The logo’s arrow tips demonstrate the interaction and connection between our software, clients and team members, combining to form a plus sign that reflects the promise of client success as a paramount goal. The bright color palette reflects an approachable and modern attitude.

We hope you’ll agree that our new brand fits us just right. What does it mean for our clients and prospects? Lucity is everything you appreciate about us, amplified.

  • It’s the same loyal and caring team and the same ownership, accessible whenever we’re needed and completely committed to our clients’ success. We want to reassure you, we have made no changes in ownership or to our management team, just to our name and our brand. Your existing contracts and agreements and the terms of those agreements (including our annual support and maintenance agreement) have not changed. Please contact us if we need to address this further for your organization.
  • It’s our robust and stable software system, updated in Version 7.2 with new usability and a new look for the web version.
  • It’s unparalleled support that’s relevant and timely, now with expanded service hours, blog updates and surveys to enhance the feedback loop.

Lucity supports the asset and maintenance management needs for hundreds of agencies and thousands of users nationwide, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We’re so excited about this next step in our evolution and thrilled to share the news with you.