Lucity 7.20 Enhancements: New Look

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will present some of the changes and enhancements made to the Lucity software for 7.20.  This post discusses the new look of the application.  Other future topics will include:

One of the major changes made to the Lucity web application for 7.20 was the look and feel of the application.  We moved away from our old blue-toned application to a new, fresher look that features our brand’s green and orange as the predominant colors.

Lucity 7.2

Data View Changes

Within the grid views, all of the toolbar icons have been updated to correspond with the new colors, and some of the tool buttons have been moved.  The delete button has been pushed to the far right side of the toolbar to help prevent accidental deletes. The plus signs used to expand records have changed as well.  A green filled plus indicates that there are child records existing for the record in the grid.  A hollow or white plus (visible at the very bottom of the screen capture above) indicates that the parent record has no child data yet.

Skin Customization

If you’re not a fan of our new colors, or just miss the old scheme, you can customize most of the colors.  Lucity administrators can also control color customization.

End user color customization

Interface for End User Color Customization

Administrator Colors

Interface for Administrator Color Customization

Font Scaling

Font size of content (grids, dashboard area, grid column headers) can now be scaled independently of the master font size.

Font Scaling

Ribbon Bar Changes

With this release the menu was moved; it is no longer accessed by clicking on the icon in the upper left.  The menu now has first rate placement on the main ribbon bar.  The main ribbon bar also includes new icons for the new and improved timesheet interface, and the links button is now hidden if the user does not have any links configured.


New Menu Placement

Timesheet Button

New Timesheet Button and Menu

Busy Indicator

In Version 7.10 the software displayed a ripple animation to show how many calls were outstanding to the server.  For this release the animation was removed and replaced with a more intuitive and quieter indicator in the lower left hand corner of the browser.

Outstanding Server Calls

End users can still enable the ripple animation if they prefer it.

Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about our new application skin, and what we can do to make our software a better experience for you and other users in your organization.

(All comments on this blog are moderated.  Please direct support requests or concerns not related to the topic of this blog post to our help desk.)

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