Lucity 7.20 Enhancements: Project Management Improvements Driven By Our Clients

Welcome to the fourth in a series of blog posts that will highlight key changes and enhancements made to the Lucity software for 7.20.  This post discusses the enhancements made for the Project Management modules.  Additional topics in this series include:

Our clients play a critical role in our development initiatives and enhancements.  We recently made quite a few changes to our Project Management modules based on clients’ requests.

Previously, our Project Management modules were directed towards users who wanted to track general attributes and costs associated with major projects.  The costs and encumbrances could be tracked from conception to project completion and work orders tied to the projects could provide accurate costs to date on a project.  In 7.20 our Project Management modules support tracking extended project information including construction permits, costs, project activities, work orders, and assets.  This post provides details and background on some of these enhancements.

Project Management Permits

Recently, Sanitation District #1 in Northern Kentucky (SD1) contacted us about using the Lucity Project Management modules to track project-related permitting.  Using Lucity as the repository for all of their project-related permitting would simplify their project management processes.  To help SD1 accomplish their goals we enhanced the Projects module to tie projects to the Lucity Work Permits module.  Some examples of the permits that may be tied to a project include construction permits, building permits, erosion control permits, or any other type of permit.  The system is very flexible and does not limit the type of permits that can be tracked.   This is a brief video clip that demonstrates how the Work Projects module integrates with the Work Permits system.

Project Management and Construction Records

SD1’s other goal was to better track projects in Lucity over the lifetime of an asset.  Working with SD1, we felt this would best be accomplished with the Lucity Asset Construction modules.  Our Asset Construction modules have been in our software for over 10 years and have recently been expanded to cover more asset types and to track construction activities in greater detail.  In 7.20 we enhanced them further by linking back to the Project Management modules to provide better tracking over the entire lifetime of an asset, from planning and design to rehabilitation to retirement.

Project Management GIS Mapping and Conflict Detection

In a separate effort, another client contacted us about enhancing the GIS functionality for the Project Management modules.  This client had been using some tools written for ArcMap to identify possible project conflict locations.  They asked us to enhance our Project Management software to eliminate the need for this tool.  Based on their needs, we added the ability to easily view project data visually in ArcMap in version 7.10, and for 7.20 we added tools to ArcMap to detect possible project conflicts or inefficiencies (such as replacing a pavement the year before you replace a water main under the street).

In order to use these new GIS tools for the Project Management modules, you must attach a GIS feature to the Master Project.  This could, for example, be a group of sewer pipes or a park from your Lucity inventory data.  However, this feature does not need to be a feature you track in our Lucity Software suite, it could be any feature drawn in your GIS.  For example, a project location could be represented by a polygon within a feature class which is not tied to any Lucity inventory modules.

This tool has a lot of flexibility; check out this video for a tour of the tool:

We are always looking for good ideas to incorporate into our software to improve it for all of our users.  If you have any thoughts about our Project Management modules or how you might use this new functionality, please leave a comment below.

(All comments on this blog are moderated.  Please direct support requests or concerns not related to Project Management enhancements or the tools discussed in this post to our help desk.)

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