Lucity ACT 2011

The synergy and excitement generated by our annual user conference never ceases to amaze us. We’re proud that it has grown into such a strong event, from our first year with two concurrent tracks and 60 attendees to this year’s solid agenda with five full tracks and a much larger user group in attendance. We were so excited to show off our ever-improving web-based applications, and attendees also got a sneak peak at our smartphone application. But the true stars of the show were the user presentations. We had 20 presentations from Lucity users! We learned what is involved in preparing for emergencies, how to fully implement web-based citizen requests, about integrating Lucity with various applications your organization may already be using, how to use GIS to manage work orders and requests, and so much more. We made sure to include plenty of time for networking – the relationships we build and maintain each year keep our user group thriving. (Be sure to visit Lucity’s Facebook page for photos!)

In reviewing the comments we received from attendees, we came across one where a user claims to have had an “aha!” moment during one of our web application sessions. Did you have an “aha!” moment? Was there something that got you excited to head back to the office and implement something new?

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