New Additions to the Lucity Team

Attendees at the 2011 Lucity ACT likely saw some unfamiliar faces wearing Lucity nametags. In 2011 we added seven new employees to the Lucity staff! These new team members will help round out our already solid Lucity family. As critical as it is that these new folks fit well with our existing staff, it is just as important that they bring something new to the table. We want to ensure we’re doing everything we can to continue to build the best Lucity team possible.

What does this mean for our user group?

We’ve increased our Software Support Team so your calls and support tickets get addressed without any major interruptions to your operations. Jason Swain and Greg Torres are the newest additions to this team.

We added additional software developers so we can continue to develop and enhance our offerings along with ever-changing technologies. Roy McGregor, Brian Plummer and Swati Gadey join our development team and are already hard at work developing and enhancing!

And we added key implementation specialists so the products we deliver can be used to their fullest potential and your staff receives the highest quality training as you implement new software. Luke Savage and Rick Wilson joined our stellar implementation team.

We continue to be committed to the growth and success of our products, our user community, and our staff, and these new folks will help us continue on that path. We’re thrilled to welcome them to the team!

2 comments on “New Additions to the Lucity Team

  1. mike jankovic says:

    Ah yes, an electronic user’s group with no public speaking apprehension or technical issues

  2. Joel Knight says:

    Ha…too bad you couldn’t make it to KC….you better make plans now for ACT 2012 in Daytona!

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