Lucity 7.20 Enhancements: Lucity GIS for ArcGIS 10 Improvements Part 2

Our Annual User Conference and Training and the final push before our 7.3 release has kept our development staff very busy.  There are, however, still two remaining posts for our 7.20 enhancements we want to share.  This post is the seventh (of eight) in the series.  It discusses more enhancements we made for our ArcGIS 10 integration.  This post focuses on GIS editing enhancements made in this release.  These features allow you to customize your editing experience using the Lucity GIS extension. Additional topics in this series include:

Streamlining Edit Prompts

Editors in ArcMap will be pleased that the Lucity extension can now be configured to streamline the number of prompts relating to edit sessions (or disable them completely).  Some users want these prompts;  they provide assurance that the software is doing what they expect it to do.  But users were frequently requesting more control over which prompts were displayed. In response to our user’s requests, several new configuration options were added for 7.20.  Continue reading