Announcing Lucity 7.30

We are very pleased to announce, just in time for Christmas, we released Lucity Version 7.30!   Here is a brief rundown on a few of the changes:

  • Two new products, Fats Oils and Grease (FOG) and Industrial Pretreatment, were added.
  • More water modules, sewer, and street modules are editable in the web,
  • Email notifications were given an overhaul,
  • Subsets and other new tools were added for the web,
  • We made management of dashboards and dashboard templates easier,
  • Improvements were made for geodatabase replication,

and much more, including this new look for our login page:

If you are having difficulties accessing the embedded video, you can access it here:

We will start a series on these new features over the next few weeks.  Please subscribe to the blog and follow along.

Concerned about having to upgrade already?  Don’t be.  Versions 7.10 and 7.20 are still actively supported, and each of these releases will have at least one more service pack planned in the next month or so.  For details on our version support policy visit our client portal.

In other news we are wrapping up development on our first mobile phone application,  Work Orders for Android which we expect to release soon!

Lucity 7.20 Enhancements: Utility Locates

Happy Holidays and welcome to the eighth (and final) in a series of blog posts that will highlight key changes and enhancements made to the Lucity software for 7.20.  This is running a bit behind because we are ready to announce our 7.30 release! Don’t worry though, we will still support 7.10 and 7.20 for a while.  Information on version support can be found here in our client portal.

This post discusses a new module we added for 7.20 to help mange utility locate requests.  Additional topics in this series include:

Recently, Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources contacted us about improving tracking of utility locates.  In particular they were looking for a way to track incidents.  What was hit?  Who hit it?  Who requested the locate and what was the status of the locate?  Who is responsible?  What was the cost of the repair?  What is the status of the bill?
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