Lucity 7.20 Enhancements: Utility Locates

Happy Holidays and welcome to the eighth (and final) in a series of blog posts that will highlight key changes and enhancements made to the Lucity software for 7.20.  This is running a bit behind because we are ready to announce our 7.30 release! Don’t worry though, we will still support 7.10 and 7.20 for a while.  Information on version support can be found here in our client portal.

This post discusses a new module we added for 7.20 to help mange utility locate requests.  Additional topics in this series include:

Recently, Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources contacted us about improving tracking of utility locates.  In particular they were looking for a way to track incidents.  What was hit?  Who hit it?  Who requested the locate and what was the status of the locate?  Who is responsible?  What was the cost of the repair?  What is the status of the bill?

Here is a short clip of the new module.

Does your agency need to track information related to utility locates?  Would this module be helpful?  How can we further improve it? Let us know what you think.

2 comments on “Lucity 7.20 Enhancements: Utility Locates

  1. Stephen Lusch says:

    Just wondering if you are able to attach or link photos or scanned images>

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