Northwest Regional User Group Meeting

It was a gorgeous, rainy day at the Lucity Northwest Regional User Group meeting in Vancouver, WA.  Even though the Northwest was hammered by extreme weather the previous week, many devoted Lucity users were determined to attend and made the journey from different parts of Washington and Oregon.  Clark Regional Wastewater District hosted this varied group of over 60 attendees. The day consisted of Lucity software demonstrations, user presentations and plenty of time to network and share successes. Continue reading

Lucity’s new Environmental Compliance tools

Every year at Lucity’s Annual Conference & Training (ACT) we host a series of sessions we call Dreamin’. These sessions are open discussions that drive future development of our applications. At ACT ‘11 we held a Dreamin’ session to address your need for Environmental Compliance tools. We heard about your need for a module dedicated to tracking and monitoring the facilities that are the source of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in your sewer system. We also learned about the need for an industrial pretreatment module; a way to monitor and control wastewater discharges from industrial sources. And we learned just how important linking these tools to your sewer system and your GIS really is.

Shortly after ACT we formed a Client Advisory Group dedicated to the design of Lucity’s new Environmental Compliance module. With the direct input and guidance from many of you, we developed a comprehensive tool for managing FOG and Industrial PreTreatment. We’re excited to have this application available with 7.30!

With Lucity Environmental Compliance you can:

  • Schedule and Track all Facility Inspections
  • Schedule and Track all Facility Pumpouts
  • Track all maintenance log submittals
  • Track all conversations to/from facility and/or hauler
  • Compare pickup volumes with disposal volumes
  • Track all notices, warning and violations as well as all corrective activities
  • Track all permits for each facility, hauler and/or receiving station

If you are interested in more information, let us know…we’d be happy to give you a personal demonstration to answer any additional questions you may have.

Lucity 7.30 Enhancements: New Notifications

Continuing on a series of posts covering new enhancements for Lucity 7.30, several new notifications were added for this release:

Fleet Operator Email Notifications

Fleet maintenance managers can now easily notify vehicle operators from the Lucity Fleet or the Lucity Work Order modules.  To use this new notification, create one or more Fleet module notifications.  Send an email for a single vehicle or a collection of vehicles from the Fleet module using the toolkit in the desktop or the web.  The web also supports notifying fleet owners directly from a work order.   Don’t forget to set the fleet operator email in the Fleet module!

Backflow Prevention Email Notifications

One of our clients, Gilbert, Arizona, contacted us about supporting email notifications from the Lucity Backflow Preventer modules.  They were looking for a way to modernize how they send notifications to the owners of the backflow prevention devices in their system.  Continue reading

Lucity 7.30 Enhancements: Email Notifications

Lucity Version 7.30 includes many improvements for email notifications.  This post is part of a series on the new enhancements for Lucity 7.30, and will cover some of the notification enhancements made in the release.

One of the most noticeable changes for notification configuration is the move from the work system to the common system.  This change allows email notifications to be used across the Lucity software suite.  Continue reading

Version 7.30 Enhancements: A Faster Web Application

The New Year is here, and we are very happy to have released 7.30 before the beginning of this holiday season.  In the coming months we expect clients will start installing this version in their test and live environments so we can get some great feedback.  To show what is new in this release, we are going to publish a brief series on some of the enhancements.

The first feature we want to point out is faster performance!  We made a few performance enhancements that have a substantial impact on the speed of the web application.  Off the cuff tests show that generating a work order from a request is seven times faster.  Many other features have similar speed improvements.  The great news is that 7.10 and 7.20 clients do not have to wait for 7.30 for this performance improvement.  We will be including speed improvements in the 7.10 SP4 and 7.20 SP2 releases coming soon.

Follow this blog for more information on 7.30 enhancements including:

  • New Email Notifications
  • Formatted Addresses on Email Notifications
  • Displaying Child Information on Email Notifications
  • Dashboard Improvements
  • Subsets in the Web
  • Request Submittal Form Improvements
  • and more

Have a great New Year!