Lucity 7.30 Enhancements: New Notifications

Continuing on a series of posts covering new enhancements for Lucity 7.30, several new notifications were added for this release:

Fleet Operator Email Notifications

Fleet maintenance managers can now easily notify vehicle operators from the Lucity Fleet or the Lucity Work Order modules.  To use this new notification, create one or more Fleet module notifications.  Send an email for a single vehicle or a collection of vehicles from the Fleet module using the toolkit in the desktop or the web.  The web also supports notifying fleet owners directly from a work order.   Don’t forget to set the fleet operator email in the Fleet module!

Backflow Prevention Email Notifications

One of our clients, Gilbert, Arizona, contacted us about supporting email notifications from the Lucity Backflow Preventer modules.  They were looking for a way to modernize how they send notifications to the owners of the backflow prevention devices in their system.  These notifications can be sent to a single backflow owner or an entire filtered set.  Email notifications sent to owners are automatically logged in the Backflow Preventer Tracking grid.  The email is sent to the “Mailing Email” defined for the backflow preventer.  This functionality is supported in both the web and the desktop applications.

Sewer Overflow Email Notifications

Sewer Overflows have always included an area to record who was notified about an SSO and when the notification was sent.  With this release we went a step further to allow email notifications to be sent directly from the module.   Users can select a notification recipient and opt to send notification.  Lucity will send the email notification specified and will record the email notification in the tracking grid.

Work Orders Start Date Notifications

When work orders are generated ahead of the scheduled start date, it is easy to let the work orders slip.  For example, PMs that are configured to generate work orders several days ahead of time will notify the supervisor when the work order is created, but will not remind the supervisor on the day the work is scheduled to start.  To address this, Lucity now will check for all work orders that start today but were not created today, and will send a notification.   These notifications send nightly.  They are configured on a per task basis and are sent to the supervisor of the work order on the day the work is scheduled to start.

Work Orders Priority and Work Order Completion Notifications

To round out the Work Order module notifications improvements, new notifications were added for priority changes and closing or canceling a work order.  Both of these notifications are configured on a per task basis and are sent to the supervisor and any hard-coded recipients for the notification.

Requestor Notifications on Demand

Work Requests also have a new notification for this release.  A new right-click option was added to send notifications for a selection of requestors on a request.  This makes it easier to notify the requestors of a significant event such as an approval for a sidewalk repair or a tree removal.

Can your agency use these new notifications?  What other enhancements do you want to see for Lucity’s email notifications?  We have some other enhancements in mind but would love to hear your ideas.  Post a comment with anything you want to share.

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