Lucity Clients in the Spotlight

We think the members of the Lucity family are pretty special, and it appears that many industry publications and conference organizers agree. Here are just a few examples of Lucity clients in the spotlight.

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  • One-on-one contract with residents and developers enables the City of Temecula, CA, to increase awareness and implement standards to control runoff threatening area waterways.
  • Municipal Sewer & Water featured an article about Gwinnett County in Georgia that highlights their efforts in conquering corrosion.

Lucity 7.30 Enhancements: Addresses on Notifications

We have more to share on Lucity enhancements for Notifications for 7.30.  This post discusses an option for formatting addresses on a notification.  This is part of a series of posts on Lucity Version 7.30 enhancements.

In previous releases, notifications could contain addresses but depending on how the notification was written, the address might look something like this:

You have a new request assigned at [RQ_ADR_BDG] [RQ_ADR_B2] [RQ_ADR_PT] [RQ_ADR_DIR] [RQ_ADR_STR] [RQ_ADR_TY] [RQ_ADR_SFX] for [RQ_PROB_TY].

Which produces an email that looks like this:

You have a new request assigned at 1000    MAIN ST N for Missing Traffic Sign.

or this:

You have a new request assigned at    HWY 69  E for Missing Traffic Sign.

In 7.30, a new keyword for notifications was added which allows these addresses to be printed without the extra spaces.  The keyword is [ADDRESS: ….] and is applied like this: Continue reading