Lucity 7.30 Enhancements: Subsets on the Web

Subsets are another enhancement to Lucity Web for 7.30.   Subsets are static collections of features.  These collections can be created based on a filter of work orders or inspections, a selection from GIS, or many other sources.  Subsets can be pulled up later for view in GIS, load into a work order, review work history, review inspections, and a multitude of other tools and applications.

In addition to the basic subsets functionality, some new features are available: Continue reading

Hope In Clarity

Last year we developed a new mission statement to coincide with our new brand. One objective we included is that Lucity be a ‘visible contributing member to our community.’ For many years we’ve made contributions (both as individuals and as a company) to various organizations and we will continue to do so. But we really wanted to focus our efforts as a company and select one local organization we could support, both financially and through service. We are so excited to share the news that we’ve connected with the Marian Hope Center (MHC) of Independence, MO to develop the Hope in Clarity partnership. Our partnership will allow us to help MHC in their efforts to support children struggling with developmental disabilities.

Lucity provides software to public works companies, with the goal of using technology to bring “clarity through connection” to their clients. The new partnership with MHC is a natural extension of that work. The company is honored to support MHC in enriching learning experiences for kids. “Connecting with our clients and our community is the core of our business,” said Don Pinkston, CEO of Lucity. “We have been and continue to be moved by the mission of the MHC and the ways in which they work with and help families in the Kansas City area.”

MHC co-founder Angie Knight says technology can make a big difference in addressing treatment for children with special needs, especially those who are non-verbal or have limited communication skills. “Tablets and iPads are highly motivating for a variety of ages and abilities, and can be used as a visual for those who need behavioral supports or visual cues,” she said. “Technology-based tools provide applications that are specific to a child’s individual goals and outcomes, assist with social skills, and are typically lightweight and portable. They are a significant asset.”

Marian Hope Center is a 501c3 (non-profit) organization that provides intensive therapeutic classes for children with special needs (Autism, Down syndrome, and a wide variety of other developmental delays) ages 18 months – 18 years. MHC provides speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, special instruction and behavioral therapies. Additionally, MHC provides support for parents and caregivers through education consulting and training, as well as community support so that special needs children and young adults can be successfully integrated into community programs.

We’re kicking off our partnership next weekend at MHC’s annual shopping event / fundraiser Spring Into Hope. We’ll post photos and an update soon!  Take a minute to check out all this amazing organization does for our community:

Lucity 7.30 Enhancements: Request Submittal Form

Lucity made several enhancements for request submissions in the Lucity Citizen Web Portal for the Version 7.30 release.  Some of these enhancements are also applicable for request submissions using the Lucity Web application.  Three key changes are: the ability to control the captcha requirement on a form by form basis, the ability to send additional emails on demand regarding a submitted request, and the ability to disable the submit button to show an informational only message.

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Lucity 7.30 Enhancements: Work Order Default Views

Starting with Lucity 7.30, the default view for Work Orders can be defined on a per group basis.  The default view is used when launching Work Orders from the modules menu, creating Work Orders from assets, launching Work Orders from GIS,  and several other work flows.  Previously, an unlimited number Work Order views could be added to menus, but only one Work Order view could be defined as the default view for all users and groups.

With Lucity 7.30, each group of users can be assigned their own default Work Order view.  Continue reading

Lucity Mobile for Android

We are very proud to announce the release of Lucity Mobile for Android!  Our development team has been working very hard on this new app available for download now on Google Play.  Lucity Mobile for Android provides a way to access real time Work Order and GIS information while out in the field (or in the office) on an Android device.

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New Tool for Enhancement Suggestions

As so many of our users will tell you, Lucity prides itself on listening to our customers.  Our software has been continually enhanced over the years based on feedback from you…you know what tools you need and how you need them to work. We look to you for input during our Annual Conference & Training (ACT), ask you to join Client Advisory Groups as we begin development on new applications, take diligent notes during Regional User Group meetings, and are always willing to listen to your ideas. We’re excited to announce yet another avenue for you to help enhance and develop the Lucity software…our customer engagement tool, Lucity Listens.

The Lucity Listens site is a forum for submitting enhancement ideas and suggesting future development ideas. We encourage you to comment and vote for ideas that have previously been submitted as well. Once you’ve made your enhancement suggestion you’ll be able to follow along and check on the progress of your submissions.  You’ll be able to see when something is under review, if we’re planning to incorporate it in a future release, and when it has been completed.

Input from our client and partner family provides us with a road map for the future. We’re very excited to see where Lucity Listens leads us.