New Tool for Enhancement Suggestions

As so many of our users will tell you, Lucity prides itself on listening to our customers.  Our software has been continually enhanced over the years based on feedback from you…you know what tools you need and how you need them to work. We look to you for input during our Annual Conference & Training (ACT), ask you to join Client Advisory Groups as we begin development on new applications, take diligent notes during Regional User Group meetings, and are always willing to listen to your ideas. We’re excited to announce yet another avenue for you to help enhance and develop the Lucity software…our customer engagement tool, Lucity Listens.

The Lucity Listens site is a forum for submitting enhancement ideas and suggesting future development ideas. We encourage you to comment and vote for ideas that have previously been submitted as well. Once you’ve made your enhancement suggestion you’ll be able to follow along and check on the progress of your submissions.  You’ll be able to see when something is under review, if we’re planning to incorporate it in a future release, and when it has been completed.

Input from our client and partner family provides us with a road map for the future. We’re very excited to see where Lucity Listens leads us.

2 comments on “New Tool for Enhancement Suggestions

  1. Arden Fontaine says:

    Will you be entering existing enhancement requests into this forum?

    This is a great tool! Thank-you.

    • Nicole Schmidt says:

      We are not going to enter all of our old enhancement requests into Lucity Listens. However, this system is just our public facing enhancement request interaction tool. We still maintain a separate back end system for tracking bugs and enhancements. All older existing enhancement requests are still in that system and will still be reviewed for inclusion in future releases.

      If you have a request that you think other clients would be interested in commenting on or voting on (even if that request has already been submitted to us), we encourage you to enter it in Lucity Listens.


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