Lucity Mobile for Android

We are very proud to announce the release of Lucity Mobile for Android!  Our development team has been working very hard on this new app available for download now on Google Play.  Lucity Mobile for Android provides a way to access real time Work Order and GIS information while out in the field (or in the office) on an Android device.

The GIS interfaces were developed using the new ESRI ArcGIS Android SDK.  It displays maps using local ArcServer hosted content or content available on ESRI’s ArcGIS Online.  Quickly find a work order, an address, get information about an asset, or create a Work Order easily in Lucity Mobile’s Map.

With or without a map, Work Orders can be created, edited, and viewed live and real time using a wireless or 3G/4G connection.  Lucity Mobile aims to make Work Orders available rapidly and easily to mobile users.

Let us know what you think.  We are always looking for feedback to enhance our software offerings.  To suggest an improvement visit Lucity Listens or leave a comment below.

10 comments on “Lucity Mobile for Android

  1. Stephen Pendleton says:

    Awesome! What to do we need to use this?

    • Nicole Schmidt says:

      There is a required server side component that you will need. I can have someone contact you about getting it set up if you like?

  2. Pat Keegan says:

    Very interesting, please have someone contact us too. We have android devices in the field that could take advantage of this.

  3. Nicole Schmidt says:

    Will do

  4. Elias Martinson says:

    What is the outlook for iOS?

  5. Nicole Schmidt says:

    We are not currently doing iOS development but we are discussing it for the future.

  6. Angelyn Davis says:

    I just downloaded the Lucity Mobile App on my Android device. Is there a way to test the feature out without having a license for this device? I would love to learn more.

    • Nicole Schmidt says:

      When you download the app the opening screen should walk you through setting it up for demonstration use pointing to an evaluation server we maintain.

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