Lucity 7.30 Enhancements: Work Order Default Views

Starting with Lucity 7.30, the default view for Work Orders can be defined on a per group basis.  The default view is used when launching Work Orders from the modules menu, creating Work Orders from assets, launching Work Orders from GIS,  and several other work flows.  Previously, an unlimited number Work Order views could be added to menus, but only one Work Order view could be defined as the default view for all users and groups.

With Lucity 7.30, each group of users can be assigned their own default Work Order view.  A fleet maintenance technician can have a different default view than a utilities department employee.  These default view assignments for Work Orders are configured  in Lucity Administrator in the Security>>Assign Groups to Forms menu.

Fleet Default Work Order View

Clicking “Assign to group” will assign the Fleet Maintenance WO Review form to the selected (Fleet Maintenance) group in the Groups list.  Multiple groups can be assigned by holding the Shift or Control key in the Groups list then clicking “Assign to group” to assign the selected form.

For groups that do not have a specific form assigned, the system will continue to use the default Work Order view assigned in the View Builder:

Overall Default Work Order View

Since each employee could potentially belong to several security groups, the employee needs a Default Rules Group assigned.  This is what will control which form is opened for Work Orders.  (Default Rules Group also affects the default GIS Web map that is displayed.)  It is assigned in the Lucity Security Application in Security>>Users/Groups Setup.  Select the user and click “Edit User” to assign the Default Rules Group.

Fleet Security Group Assignment

Will this be helpful to your agency?  How can we improve views and default views in the future?  If you have suggestions for improvements make a comment below or visit our new Lucity Listens site.

Take a look at more enhancements available in this series here.

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