Lucity 7.30 Enhancements: Request Submittal Form

Lucity made several enhancements for request submissions in the Lucity Citizen Web Portal for the Version 7.30 release.  Some of these enhancements are also applicable for request submissions using the Lucity Web application.  Three key changes are: the ability to control the captcha requirement on a form by form basis, the ability to send additional emails on demand regarding a submitted request, and the ability to disable the submit button to show an informational only message.

All of these form options are controlled in the Form Editor in Form Options (Form>>Form Options).

Citizen Form Options

The additional emails option adds a new field to the Thank you form that allows the requester to send copies of this request to other individuals.

Send Email Copy

Removing the captcha requirement as well as the submission button allows administrators to setup a form that provides a citizen with information instead of allowing them to submit. In this example the citizen is looking for information about the Lucityville Easter Parade. They end up on an events page and select the Easter Parade from a drop down list. Instead of getting a submit button a message appears with details on the Easter Parade.

Knowledge Base Info Message

Take a look at more enhancements available in this series here.  If you have suggestions for improvements make a comment below or visit our new Lucity Listens site.

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