Lucity 7.30 Enhancements: Subsets on the Web

Subsets are another enhancement to Lucity Web for 7.30.   Subsets are static collections of features.  These collections can be created based on a filter of work orders or inspections, a selection from GIS, or many other sources.  Subsets can be pulled up later for view in GIS, load into a work order, review work history, review inspections, and a multitude of other tools and applications.

In addition to the basic subsets functionality, some new features are available:

  • An improved dialog for selecting subsets
  • The ability to view just the user’s own subsets

My Subsets

  • The ability to schedule subsets to expire and be automatically removed

Expiration Subsets

  • The ability to create a subset on a selection of items from a grid instead of the entire filtered set

Just The Selected

Are subsets useful for your users?  How should we expand this functionality? Take a look at more enhancements available in this series here.  If you have suggestions for improvements make a comment below or visit our new Lucity Listens site.

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