Lucity 7.30 Enhancements: Internal Request Submission Enhancements

Two new features are available in Lucity 7.30 for request submissions from the Lucity Web application.  One feature is the ability to create a Work Order directly from the request submission form.  Another is the ability to automatically populate an employee’s contact information to the requester’s information on the request form.  Both of these options are enabled in the Form Options in the Form Editor in Lucity Administrator.

Form Options

The Show Create Work Order Button adds a new button to the Thank You page on a customer request.  It only works for request forms in Lucity Web, it will not display on the Lucity Citizen Portal.  Clicking the Create Work Order Button creates a work order and opens the work order so that it can be viewed and further edited.

Create Work Order From Request

Use Information From Employee provides a way to auto-populate information about an employee submitting a Work Request.  This can be very helpful for internal requests like building maintenance or vehicle maintenance.  This video clip shows how this works:

Take a look at more enhancements available in this series here.  If you have suggestions for improvements make a comment below or visit our new Lucity Listens site.

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