Lucity 7.30 Enhancements: Dashboard and Work Order Grids

The Lucity Version 7.30 release included several enhancements to improve usability of Work Orders from the dashboard and in views as well as an enhancement to make managing dashboards easier for administrators.

Viewing Work Order Information at a glance is now easier due to a change that brings the first asset and the first address into the main work order record.  This allows work order grids to display asset information:

Asset in Work Order Grid

Or Address Information:

Address In Work Order Grid

In addition, dashboards can now include data drills on assets.

Dashboard With Asset

These use the first asset and the first address associated with a work order.  This first address or asset can be manipulated by editing the Location No or Sequence number on a location or asset.

Let us know if this is helpful to your agency.  Is there anything we can do to improve Work Order display in the grid or in the dashboards?  Take a look at more enhancements available in this series here.  If you have suggestions for improvements make a comment below or visit our new Lucity Listens site.

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