Lucity Lately

There’s been so much going on lately here at Lucity. We’ve got new applications we’re excited to share with you, and we have been traveling to several Regional User Group meetings. You’ll find all the details in the first issue of Lucity Lately.

  • Lucity Listens Offers Clients Another Avenue for Support
  • Featured Project :: Trees Are A Pasadena Priority
  • Tips and Tricks :: Helpful Information for Crystal Reports
  • Conversations with Don :: Welcome to Lately
  • A Connected Community :: Lucity Partners with Marian Hope Center
  • Product News
  • 2012 ACT Heads to Sunny Daytona in September
  • Regional User Groups Offer Interaction for Peer Agencies
  • Dear Lucity :: Collaboration With Our Clients is at the Core of Our Company

Let us know if there’s something you’d like us to cover in a future issue!

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