Lucity Version 7.40 is Now Available

Lucity is proud to announce the release of Lucity 7.40 today!  This release contains many new exciting changes including:

  • The ability to attach and view documents in Lucity Web
  • A new interface for editing Work Order resources in Lucity Web
  • Many new editable modules in Lucity Web
  • A new lightweight GIS Map for clients who do not use ArcGIS Server
  • Address Subsets support in Lucity Web

Here is a preview of a couple of the new features available in Lucity Web:

If you are having difficulties accessing the embedded video, you can view it here:

We will start a series on these new features over the next few weeks.  Please subscribe to the blog to learn more about our new release.

To suggest new enhancements for our software please visit our Lucity Listens site.