Microsoft Windows®, SQL Server®, and Esri ArcGIS® Deprecation Plans for Lucity

Lucity is planning some system requirement changes in the upcoming year.  Here are some system changes and deprecation plans to keep in mind while planning system and Lucity upgrades for the future.

Windows XP

Clients are encouraged to consider upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7.   Lucity will continue to support Windows XP for the foreseeable future but will no longer support Internet Explorer on this platform starting with the 7.60 release (3rd Quarter 2013).  Internet Explorer 9+ will be supported on Windows 7 systems.  Prior to upgrading to Lucity 7.60, all workstations must be upgraded to Windows 7 or must be configured with the latest release of Firefox or Chrome for use with the Lucity web application.  Firefox and Chrome do not support launching the Lucity Desktop application from the browser.  If this is a critical workflow, your users must be on Windows 7 running IE 9+ prior to the 7.60 upgrade.   This is necessary for Lucity to take advantage of the new technologies available with HTML5 to provide a higher quality user experience for all our users.

Clients may continue to use Lucity 7.50 with Windows XP and IE.  The last service pack for Lucity 7.50 is expected to be 3rd Quarter 2014.

SQL Server

  • Support for SQL Server 2012 has been added for Lucity 7.40
  • SQL Server 2000 support will be dropped for 7.50 (1st Quarter 2013)
  • New clients are encouraged to consider SQL Server 2008 or 2012


  • Support for ArcGIS 10.1 has been added for Lucity 7.40 and will be added for Lucity 7.30 SP2
  • Support for ArcGIS 9.x will be dropped for Lucity 7.50 (1st Quarter 2013)
  • The GIS Toolkit, which imports and exports shapefiles and AutoCAD DXF files, will no longer be supported with the Lucity 7.50 release.
  • Updates from Lucity Desktop to the geodatabase will no longer use local ArcSDE libraries starting with Lucity 7.50.  Clients must use the Lucity Data Update ArcGIS Server Object Extension (SOE).

Please make plans accordingly for these system changes.  For concerns or questions contact Lucity support or leave a comment below.

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