Lucity Mobile Work 1.2 – Feature Spotlight: Additional Fields

The latest update for Lucity Mobile Work is now available!

With the release last month of the latest update to our Android offering, version 1.2, we added the ability for you to customize what fields are available to your mobile users.

To access this feature simply log in to the device and navigate to the Settings Screen. Once there you’ll see a new option titled “Add Additional Fields”.

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Lucity 7.40 and 7.30 Service Packs are Now Available

The new service packs for Lucity versions 7.30 and 7.40 are now available.  The Lucity 7.30 SP2 and Lucity 7.40 SP1 patch installers can be downloaded from the Lucity website here.  The full install media is also available for download for these releases here.  For a list of issues resolved in these service packs, please visit the patch installer download page.

We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!  Here at Lucity we are very grateful to have you as clients.

A Connected Community

At Lucity, connecting with the community is more than just a company promise – it’s an individual commitment. Noel Nuessle is an excellent example of how Lucity team members give back in their own lives, every day.

Noel and some of his newest friends.

Aside from his normal duties at Lucity, Noel spends quality time reaching out to others in need. His extensive charity work has taken him to Louisville and Boston, as well as parts of Kansas City. Highlights of his mission work include working at a YMCA kids-camp in Louisville where he and the mission’s kids organized an indoor Olympics. In Boston, Noel and the high school kids in his mission helped to run a food delivery service to elderly and disabled people in addition to working at various kitchens and culinary centers that feed the needy, and at an arts event for homeless people, where people could create and sell their art.

“Boston was one of the most memorable and inspirational mission trips I’ve taken,” Noel said. “We worked at a number of kitchens that provide hot meals for homeless people. At one of these, the people danced after the meal. Our kids joined in. What a nice way to put your problems away and smile for a while!”

We’re so very proud of all you do for our community Noel!

Conversations With Don: Ah-Ha Moments at ACT 2012

It doesn’t get much better than ACT 2012. Held in Daytona Beach in September, our Annual Conference and Training (ACT) gathering sparked ideas, conversation and lots of “Ah-ha” moments where things simply clicked. For us, it’s a time to better understand how our clients actually use our software and how we can better fine-tune the product. In turn, the attendees learn all the new things we’ve added throughout the year and discover how others in their position are using the software. Another huge benefit is having our clients explain what enhancements they desire and why these enhancements would help them.

Each year, clients tell me that ACT is the best conference they’ve ever attended. I think that stems from the sharing that’s done throughout the event. Everyone matters. This year we brought all of our programmers, support specialists and implementation specialists to Daytona Beach because we feel it’s important to develop a deep understanding of our client’s needs. We see clients as more than a name on a list; they’re hard-working people using a critical piece of software that helps them get their jobs done more effectively. The relationship that develops between our staff and the attendees energizes us throughout the year and makes us work even harder to get practical features out as quickly as possible.
So now we are hard at work trying to make dreams come true. In the last month we’ve already made a couple big ones become reality (see the Product news). We have lots more to go. That is the beauty of our relationship. The more we provide, the more you desire – and that is just fine with us. We simply have to know what it is you need and how it can help you (and others).

Those that have attended in the past – thank you and we hope to see you again next year in Kansas City (September 9-11, 2013). If you have never attended, please try. I believe that you will be amazed.

Wichita Helps Airport Fly

When officials from Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita, Kansas needed to replace their asset management software, they thought they required something airport-specific. But systems analyst Kevin Coons told Wichita they already had what they needed: Lucity. Using the Fleet and Facilities modules, Coons has worked over the past year to adapt the software for airport use. “An airport is a small city unto itself,” said Coons. “People were amazed that Lucity could handle everything they needed.”

Discovering and adding the right terminology was key, but Coons found that many of the efficiencies and processes Lucity has in place were easily transferable to airport management. For instance, before Lucity getting parts to mechanics was ill-defined and time-consuming. Now, Lucity tracks “rolling warehouses” with mobile devices equipped with a bar-code reader that makes the process intuitive and efficient for the parts guy, mechanic and crew.

Airport staff now have the opportunity to work in separate modules, simplifying usability and increasing user speed. New categories include airport building, airport fleet, airport site assets and airport information technology. Those modules are used to track buildings, parts, fleet maintenance, IT equipment, and – in the future – even individual keys on the airport campus. “Lucity is simple for everyone to use,” Coons said. “These are not computer people, but it’s intuitive enough for them to use easily.”

Lucity New Hires

The Lucity family keeps on growing. We’re proud to announce our most recent hires: Brent VanDusen, our new Software Developer, joined Lucity in June. Peter Monshizadeh, a GIS Support Specialist, started at Lucity in September. And Jarrod Gerbaud joined the Lucity family as a Strategic Account Manager in August. You can learn more about Peter and Jarrod in our Fall 2012 Newsletter as they are both featured: Peter on the “Get to Know” page, and Jarrod’s take on Lucity’s growth strategy in the “Lucity Talks” column. Welcome to the family!