Wichita Helps Airport Fly

When officials from Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita, Kansas needed to replace their asset management software, they thought they required something airport-specific. But systems analyst Kevin Coons told Wichita they already had what they needed: Lucity. Using the Fleet and Facilities modules, Coons has worked over the past year to adapt the software for airport use. “An airport is a small city unto itself,” said Coons. “People were amazed that Lucity could handle everything they needed.”

Discovering and adding the right terminology was key, but Coons found that many of the efficiencies and processes Lucity has in place were easily transferable to airport management. For instance, before Lucity getting parts to mechanics was ill-defined and time-consuming. Now, Lucity tracks “rolling warehouses” with mobile devices equipped with a bar-code reader that makes the process intuitive and efficient for the parts guy, mechanic and crew.

Airport staff now have the opportunity to work in separate modules, simplifying usability and increasing user speed. New categories include airport building, airport fleet, airport site assets and airport information technology. Those modules are used to track buildings, parts, fleet maintenance, IT equipment, and – in the future – even individual keys on the airport campus. “Lucity is simple for everyone to use,” Coons said. “These are not computer people, but it’s intuitive enough for them to use easily.”