A Connected Community

At Lucity, connecting with the community is more than just a company promise – it’s an individual commitment. Noel Nuessle is an excellent example of how Lucity team members give back in their own lives, every day.

Noel and some of his newest friends.

Aside from his normal duties at Lucity, Noel spends quality time reaching out to others in need. His extensive charity work has taken him to Louisville and Boston, as well as parts of Kansas City. Highlights of his mission work include working at a YMCA kids-camp in Louisville where he and the mission’s kids organized an indoor Olympics. In Boston, Noel and the high school kids in his mission helped to run a food delivery service to elderly and disabled people in addition to working at various kitchens and culinary centers that feed the needy, and at an arts event for homeless people, where people could create and sell their art.

“Boston was one of the most memorable and inspirational mission trips I’ve taken,” Noel said. “We worked at a number of kitchens that provide hot meals for homeless people. At one of these, the people danced after the meal. Our kids joined in. What a nice way to put your problems away and smile for a while!”

We’re so very proud of all you do for our community Noel!