Chandler, Arizona Completes Huge Integration Effort

Named one of America’s “Crown Communities” in 2011 for its excellence in city governance during times of economic duress, the City of Chandler prides itself on its ability to grow in the face of adversity. This “can-do” approach was evident this year when multiple departments embarked on an enormous effort to integrate Lucity with Oracle Inventory and General Ledger, Hansen Utility Billing, Accela Permits, GIS and GeoKNX. Thanks in part to the ease of Lucity’s integration system, Chandler was able to update their software to a single platform, greatly improving the efficiency of their work flow.

Chandler also responded to the need for a more effective service request system, partnering with crowdsourcing firm PublicStuff and going mobile with Lucity. Through PublicStuff’s mobile and web request technology, customer service requests can be entered through a mobile device, which then creates a work request in Lucity’s Web Citizen. Citizens can track their request and are notified once the issue has been resolved. Improving Chandler’s billing system was another challenge city staff faced. In the previous system, information was entered manually and errors were common. Now information efficiently flows back and forth between Lucity and billing. Users can select a dropdown instead of manually entering a serial number to find an account or work order, thus keeping errors to a minimum. Chandler’s success with the integration has led to plans to replace their Hansen utility billing system with the Advanced CIS system, where they expect another smooth integration.

Clint Martineau, IT Applications Support Specialist for the City of Chandler, said that the Lucity dashboard significantly impacts productivity. “When the dashboard was introduced, production went through the roof. Users no longer have to wait in line to submit work orders or to get parts from the warehouse. Everything is at their fingertips. It has saved the agency a lot of time.” Chandler’s users are pleased with the dashboard and its Work Order module. “It’s easy and stable,” said Ginger Chabot, Senior Systems Analyst. “We introduced it to every department and it works for everyone; from the print shop to meter exchanges and repairs, to citizen requests.”

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