Lucity 7.40 Enhancements: New GIS Viewer Application

The Lucity GIS Viewer application is a new product available with the Lucity 7.40 release.  It is a rich, highly functional GIS application that does not require the Esri® ArcGIS Server product.  Some of the features available with the GIS Viewer application include:

  • Identifying Assets
  • Search for Assets and Addresses
  • Query
  • Load and Create Subsets
  • View Lucity Relationships
  • Create Requests, Work Orders, and PM Templates

Here is a brief demonstration of some of the GIS Viewer functionality.

Built on the Esri ArcGIS Runtime, this application is licensed per machine and can run without any local ArcGIS products installed on the machine.  Could you use this lightweight application in your enterprise?  If you are a Lucity client without ArcGIS Server, this is a great, cost-effective GIS solution for your end users.

This post is one of a series of posts on new enhancements available in Lucity 7.40, some of the other enhancements in this series include:

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or enhancement ideas for our GIS Viewer product.  If you are interested in talking with a Lucity representative about this product please contact us here.

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