Lucity 7.40 Enhancements: Updating the Geodatabase from Lucity Desktop

Prior to Lucity 7.40, Lucity Desktop users could only edit attributes integrated with an Esri® ArcSDE geodatabase if a local copy of Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop product was installed.  This is because the Lucity Desktop application uses the local ArcSDE libraries that are installed with the ArcGIS product to make geodatabase updates.  Starting with 7.40, geodatabase updates from Lucity Desktop can be made without any local Esri products installed.

To do this, Lucity Desktop uses ArcServer 10.0 or ArcGIS Server 10.1 directly to make attribute updates to the geodatabase using an Esri Server Object Extension installed on the ArcGIS Server host.  A map service deployed to the ArcGIS Server instance is used to provide access to the underlying GIS data.  The Lucity Administration manual provides clear instructions on how to configure an ArcGIS map service to make these attribute updates under “How To>>SDE Update using ArcServer”.

Another enhancement that was made for geodatabase updates for Lucity 7.40 is a new option to notify GIS administrators via email anytime an error is encountered when trying to update the geodatabase from the Lucity desktop or Web applications.

If the system fails to update, an email that looks like this will be sent to the emails specified:

The email may not always provide the exact reason for the failure, but ensures the GIS administrator knows there is a problem.  Further troubleshooting may require reading local or server side logs that are written by Lucity.

This is an example of the log entry for the above failure:

Message: http://gis/ArcGIS/rest/services/GIS_Edit/MapServer/{0}exts/DataUpdateFromLucitySOE/CheckFeatureClass?f=json&gistablename={1}
Result: {“error”:{“code”:500,”message”:”Error handling schema request: Could not find a service with JNDI name ‘esri/services/MapServer/GIS_Edit’ in the configured clusters. Service may be stopped or ArcGIS Server may not be running.”,”details”:[]}}

This indicates that the service name GIS_Edit is wrong (in ArcGIS Server 10.1 services names are case-sensitive, so it may be a case sensitivity issue).

This log is written to the Lucity Web logs folder (c:\inetpub\wwwroot\LucityWeb\logs on the web server) if the edit initiated from Lucity Web or the Lucity Desktop logs folder (%appdata%\lucity\logs on the client machine) if the edit initiated from Lucity Desktop.

This is just one of several enhancements made for the Lucity 7.40 release.  Some of the other enhancements covered in this blog include:

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