Lucity 7.40 Enhancements: Single Identifiers for Sewer and Storm Pipes

In Lucity 7.40, Sewer Pipes and Storm Pipes are now referenced using a single unique identifier.  The old upstream and downstream structures are still available and functional, but the new Alt Pipe Id field is now used to uniquely reference pipes when they are created in GIS, added to a work order, or any of the other relationships that a pipe may have in Lucity.  This change allows for simpler integration with GIS using the Esri® data models, simplifies dealing with parallel pipes, and is more consistent with the way all of the other Lucity inventory modules are designed.

Chances are, if you use GIS, you already know about this change because it requires a change to how the GIS database is configured in Lucity.  We sent out an email about this last Spring and it was covered heavily in our release checklist and release notes for 7.40.  It was also covered as a topic at the Lucity Annual Conference and Training in September.  More details on how these changes may affect GIS can be read here.

This was one of many changes made for Lucity 7.40.  A selection of the Lucity 7.40 changes will be covered in this blog including:

Please leave a comment below to let us know how we can continue to improve the Lucity Sewer and Storm modules or with the Lucity integration with the Esri ArcGIS Local Government Data Model and solutions.

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