Lucity 7.40 Enhancements: Building Assessments

Building Assessments are a new feature added for the Lucity 7.40 release.  Building assessments is a specialized building inspection module that helps agencies decide how to maintain their buildings and when they are more cost-effective to replace than repair.  This is done by looking at the estimated replacement cost of the building, the overall condition of individual components in the building with respect to their overall importance, and any special regulatory compliance factors that may be relevant such as ADA compliance.

Lucity created this module based on a request and in partnership with the City of Wichita.  We would love to hear about how we could extend this module so that it could be used in your agency.  Please leave a comment below or visit our Lucity Listens site.

For more details about enhancements available in Lucity 7.40, check out some of the other blog posts in this series:

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