Lucity Version 7.50 Released

Lucity 7.50 has been released and  is now available for download.  This release features several notable enhancements and lots of new modules available for editing in Lucity Web.  Some of these new features include:

  • Support for Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server
  • New Password Management
  • Editing code/type picklists directly in Lucity Web
  • The ability to share dashboard tabs between users
  • Lucity help is now online
  • New Environmental modules for tracking survey sites for insects, pests, and other vectors
  • A Fleet Inspections module
  • Many new modules in Storm, Sanitary, and Transportation
  • New integration features for the Esri Local Government Data Model
  • Many existing modules are now available for editing in Lucity Web

Follow this blog to learn about some of the enhancements available in 7.50.  Check out the full release notes here.

2 comments on “Lucity Version 7.50 Released

  1. adavis says:

    Does 7.5 also support Windows Phone 8?

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