Configuring Lucity with the ArcGIS for Local Government Information Model

In Lucity 7.50 we added new tools to facilitate the configuration of Lucity GIS when implementing the Esri® ArcGIS for Local Government Information Model (LGIM).

The LGIM is the foundation to the maps and apps configured for ArcGIS for Local Government.  What is ArcGIS for Local Government?  It is a series of focused maps and applications that help local governments successfully implement GIS in cities, counties, and other local authorities.  More information can be found here.

Whether your organization is first implementing GIS across departments and looking for a collaborative data model, or your organization already has a data model in place but would like to migrate it to the LGIM in order to take advantage of the maps and apps offered with ArcGIS for Local Government, you can easily integrate the LGIM with Lucity.

Once you have downloaded the latest LGIM and migrated your data into the schema you are ready to update your Lucity GIS configuration.

In ArcCatalog and within the Geodatabase Configuration Tool, you can import the feature classes from the LGIM schema.


Right click on the geodatabase connection containing your LGIM schema and select Import Feature Classes from Schema


The Import Schema Mappings dialog only lists the datasets and feature classes of the LGIM which integrate with Lucity.  The preview section shows the default field mapping between the LGIM and Lucity.


Check only the feature classes you plan to implement in both Lucity and the LGIM.  Click Import Schema Mappings when ready to proceed.  A Validation Results window will appear showing the progress of the import.


You can find more information on using this tool in the Lucity online Help.  Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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