Lucity 7.60 Is Now Available

Just in time for our Annual User Conference and Training, Lucity 7.60 has been released and is available for download!  This release has a lot of new features – far more than we can address in a single blog post.  These are some of the highlights:

  • A new Storm Best Management Practice Compliance application
  • Lucity GIS Web now has a new measure tool, redlining tools and supports secure map services
  • Many new Parts Inventory enhancements
  • Citizens can now upload images with the Lucity Citizen Portal
  • Users can now export data from Lucity Web to a format easily readable in Excel
  • Subsets will now respect a defined order and can be edited in Lucity Web
  • GIS Desktop now supports custom symbology templates and has a new tool for updating spatial attributes
  • Documents can now be uploaded and downloaded using Lucity Web and the REST API
  • New troubleshooting tools have been added to provide easier access to logs
  • Inspections can now be generated from Work Orders and vice versa
  • New work order resource cost markup capabilities were added
  • More new modules were added including:  Sewer IPT Monitoring Points, Storm Structure MACP Inspections, Work Project Management Contract Estimates and an Estimate Approval Library module, and more

This is just an overview of some of the enhancements, check out the full release notes here.  Join us next week at our Annual User Conference and Training where we will be discussing this release and a lot more.

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