Northwestern Water and Sewer District Wins GIS Award!

We know how diligently our clients work, not only for the betterment of their agency, but for the citizens of their city as well. So when a client receives recognition for their work, we feel like we’ve won too.

We’re so proud to congratulate Northwestern Water and Sewer District, who recently received the OGRIP Best Practices Award. The Ohio GIS Best Practices Award, presented annually at the Ohio GIS Conference, recognizes organizations in Ohio that have or are implementing GIS in a manner consistent with OGRIP’s goals and objectives.

Among other criteria, an agency should demonstrate a GIS program with an enterprise-wide approach and community resource perspective, support and facilitate data sharing through an increase in interaction between entities, and demonstrate the use of GIS as an analysis and decision support tool.


Clients in the Spotlight

We love to see our clients in the news! Recent publications have spotlighted these folks:

The September issue of Treatment Plant Operator featured the Lawrence, Kansas treatment plant, who teamed up with University of Kansas researchers to test a new way to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater. Way to go green!

Our clients are experts in their field, with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. The September issue of the APWA Reporter featured articles written by four Lucity clients! Mary Joyce Ivers, of the City of Ventura, California, contributed to a story about easing the burden of a full-burdened shop labor rate (FBLR) for fleet shop operations. A feature article about the value of customer feedback and communication was authored by J. Rich Profaiszer of the City of Overland Park, Kansas, while Dennis R. Hogan, City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, contributed to a story about succession planning for fleet professionals. J.D. Schulte of the City of Moline, Illinois, contributed a feature on Equipment Acquisition.

Congratulations to you all, and keep the stories coming!