Using Lucity Inspection Data with ArcGIS for Local Government

In the upcoming version of Lucity we are making it easier to take advantage of the various maps and apps for inspection data that are part of Esri® ArcGIS for Local Government, while still utilizing Lucity as the main repository for your asset management and inspection data.  More information on ArcGIS for Local Government, including the gallery where you can preview some of the maps and apps, can be found here.

The following inspection and testing modules are available for export to the ArcGIS for Local Government Information Model (LGIM): Sewer MACP Inspections, Sewer Overflows, Sewer Structure Inspections, Storm MACP Inspections, Storm Sampling, Water Hydrant Flow Tests, Water Hydrant Inspections, Water Losses, and Water System Valve Inspections.

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