January’s Looking Into Lucity: A Review

Last month we brought you the first Looking Into Lucity, a monthly training series. This interactive series will offer in-depth training, hosted by a variety of Lucity experts. We’ll notify you of each series via email; from there you’ll have the option to sign up for several 15-30 minute demonstrations with additional opportunities to have your questions answered by a member of our staff – from the President, Don Pinkston, to a developer, implementer, or help desk technician.

In January Lucity Account Executive Andrea Fowles presented Taking a Closer Look: How to Set up Request Forms. This short how-to video can still be viewed anytime here. Andrea also demonstrated a new application: Storm BMPs. In case you were unable to attend this interactive event, we’ve posted a video of the event online to our Lucity YouTube Channel, available here. There is also an informational sheet with some additional information located on our webpage, which you can access here.  For more in-depth information, you can view the Lucity Help Guide section on Storm BMPs here.

For our monthly expert series, Don Pinkston hosted Focus On: Project Management.  This presentation was not recorded for YouTube, but we promise to bring you more from Don, as well as various other Lucity “experts,” in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more information about February’s Looking Into Lucity, coming soon!