Lucity 2014 is Now Available

Lucity 2014 is now available for download from our support site.  From here on out, all Lucity releases will be labeled with the year they were released.  The second yearly release will get an r2 qualifier.  Lucity 2014r2 is planned for August 2014.

Lucity 2014 has many new features and enhancements.  A full list can be found here:

Here are a few highlights:

Lucity Work Orders and Request GIS Data

New GIS data is being stored in the Lucity work database for the geometry associated with work order and requests.  This data allows for fast and flexible view of live data in the Lucity Desktop GIS, Web GIS, and Tablet GIS applications.

These tables are automatically populated when work orders and requests are created.  Layers can be created using filters on work orders and requests to show live information like:

  • All sewer lines cleaned in the last 6 months from current date
  • Pending requests open more than 30 days
  • Open work orders
  • Open requests

Plant Tree View

The new Lucity plant modules are accessible from the dashboard in a tree view to allow easy navigation to all of the components within a plant.

Lucity Request Emails

End users can now create requests in Lucity by sending an email to a dedicated email address.  Lucity will process emails and automatically generate requests based on the email.

Lucity will automatically fill in the requestor’s name based on their email address.  The email sender will get a reply email with the newly generated request number.  Any replies from the original sender will be processed and automatically added to the request as a comment.

More Tools ArcGIS for Local Government

New ways to take advantage of ArcGIS for Local Government were added for this release.  Some of these changes are covered here: Using Lucity Inspection Data with ArcGIS for Local Government.

Property Viewer

Property viewer is a new tool available in most views.  It provides an easy way to find relevant details and history on a single address.

This is just a small selection of the new features available in Lucity 2014.  Check out the release notes for the full list.

Visit our Lucity Listens website to suggest any enhancements we can make to improve our product suite or to review and vote on enhancements that have already been submitted.

If you have a question or comment about this post or this release please leave us feedback below.

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