Clients in the Spotlight

At Lucity, we love to shine a light on our friends and clients. With winter’s hand delivering some brutal weather across the county, we’re pleased to spotlight a couple stories to make you feel warm inside! Here are a couple highlights:

The February issue of the APWA Reporter featured the City of Lenexa, Kansas’ innovative stormwater management program. This project, called “Rain to Recreation,” began with the vision of Lenexa’s residents and business community, who teamed up with the Department of Public Works and Parks and Recreation to take green infrastructure to a higher level, viewing stormwater as an asset and combining stormwater projects with recreation projects. While green spaces enhance the city as an enjoyable place to live and work, Lenexa’s tree system serves the additional benefit of cleaning the runoff from streets and rooftops through an interconnected system. Part of that system includes new rules involving stream ordinances and low-impact practices at new development sites, which have reduced the risk of flooding. Additionally, stream setbacks offer wildlife habitat to flourish and scenic trails and tree-filled parks to become part of the city’s landscape. Through their innovative spirit, and their ability to turn a community’s vision into a reality that also happened to solve a problem, Lenexa has received many kudos, including a “Tree City USA” designation, and inclusion on Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live in America,” and Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s “Best Places to Raise Kids.”

The Winter edition of Esri News for State & Local Government recognized Pensacola, Florida, who recently went live with GoMaps. GoMaps, which is based on the ArcGIS platform, allows the city to combine multiple sources of GIS data as well as data stored in other databases such as business licenses, occupational licenses and code enforcement violations. Additionally, the data is provided in a live web and mobile environment for both citizen access and internal users, addressing the city’s needs with a single point of information access. For the full story, click here.

The Winter edition of Esri News for Water & Wastewater also featured Johnson County, Kansas, for it’s Spatial Analysis improvements. As the most populous county in Kansas (home to 545,000 residents, including those of Lenexa!), Johnson County Wastewater has grown quickly from their first sewer district, which was built in 1945. In an effort to promote efficiency and prioritize management of it’s extensive collection system, JCW has aligned its asset management strategy with industry-standard best practices, including an initiative to score the system for business risk exposure (BRE), particularly for those critical buildings (hospitals, for example) that would have drastic consequences from a pipe system failure. Through ArcGIS and Lucity, JCW uses ArcGIS technology to effectively communicate the scoring results with JCW staff. In addition to performing the system analysis, JCW staff can now view and react to pipes in need of repair, promoting a more efficient workflow process. To get the full story, click here.

Congratulations, Lenexa, Pensacola, and Johnson County, Kansas, on your innovative work!

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