Lucity Mobile 1.3 for Android Released

Version 1.3 of Lucity Mobile for Android tablets was released to Google Play. This release brings two new enhancements to disconnected: Offline Documents and an Improved Conflict Resolution Process. 

Enhanced Conflict Resolution

In some cases you’ll need to take your data offline before entering an area where your connection will become unreliable. During this time your changes will be saved and then uploaded when you have a reliable connection again. But this raises a question: what happens when you edit a record that was also edited by your colleague, while you were disconnected? Well that’s easy, curious blog reader! Upon saving you’ll be notified that something failed to save with this handy-dandy dialog:


From here you can tap the ‘x’ to toss your changes and move on or resolve the issue by tapping on it. An attempt to resolve the item with a tap will show the details of the issue and allow you to resolve the problem. Enter the Enhanced Conflict Resolution Screen!


Now remember, your colleague edited the same record as you while you were out exploring the swamps of Mordor, where even 3G coverage is a bit iffy. From this screen we can review the conflicting fields and then mix and match values by tapping on the desired data, which turns the resolved fields green. Once all red fields are green, we can hit save and our issue is resolved! No need to use the one ring.

Disconnected Documents

Image  The documents button gives you access to your saved documents, allowing you to view related information or attach a picture, video, or URL to an existing record.


Previously this was limited to the live side of the application, requiring you to have a stable internet connection before attaching media, but that is no longer the case. Documents can now be added to your offline records and will be saved to the server when you go back online.

This release is backwards compatible with all previous supported Lucity releases, but these new functions will only be available for clients running Lucity 7.6 SP1 or greater.  To check for a new version of Lucity Mobile, open Google Play and select My Apps. Items that have a new version available will say “Update available.”  To enable updates automatically, open the Lucity Mobile details page on Google Play on the device and check the box that says “Allow automatic updating.”  To check what version of Lucity Mobile is currently installed on the device, open the Lucity Mobile application, click the menu button, and select “About”.

If you’d like to try out Lucity Mobile at no cost, feel free to download it from Google Play and give it a shot! You can connect to our trial environment by tapping “Request Credentials” on the welcome screen.  After receiving your credentials via e-mail, simply tap “Try it Out” and follow the instructions.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below or visit us at Lucity Listens.


Happy roaming!

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