Happy Anniversary to Lucity!

Today marks the three-year anniversary of the Lucity brand. We have truly fallen in love with all that the new name and corporate identity has come to mean, and we hope you feel the same. In fact, if you ask most of us here at Lucity we’ll tell you it feels like the Lucity brand has been with us much longer than three years…I guess that means it was a perfect fit for us, right?

So happy anniversary to ALL of us in the Lucity family! Here’s to many more years of new friendships, beneficial partnerships, fantastic user events, and successful software development.



We had a little parking lot barbecue to celebrate. Here’s a look at some of the fun…


Our grill master, Joe.


Victoria, Barbara, Deaun and Dale, soaking up the sun.


Look at those happy faces! Andrea, Jason, Jessica, Scott, Greg and Melissa


Brian and Peter, patiently waiting for lunch to be ready.


This game got WAY more intense than expected…


Washers! Such intense looks on their faces…


What form! Trey’s got his eye on the target…


Future’s so bright…. Joel, Don and Jim

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