Lucity Mobile Work 1.4 for Android Released

Version 1.4 of Lucity Mobile Work for Android phones and tablets was released to Google Play. With this release we’ve added document management.

Document Management

Whether you want to capture graffiti, potholes, or snap a pic before or after repairs we’ve got you covered with this guy:

2014-06-09_1413 2014-06-09_1413

The new popup will allow you to view existing documents or store new pictures, videos, or even add hyperlinks. Once a document has been attached records are marked as having documents available via an orange document icon and show up as orange on the work order list.

2014-06-09_1413 2014-06-09_1413

The storage of these files will mirror that of the web application.

How to Give It a Go

This release is backwards compatible with all previous supported Lucity releases, but these new functions will only be available for clients running Lucity 7.6 or greater.  To check for a new version of Lucity Mobile Work, open Google Play and select My Apps. Items that have a new version available will say “Update available.”  To enable updates automatically, open the Lucity Mobile details page on Google Play on the device and check the box that says “Allow automatic updating.”  To check what version of Lucity Mobile Work is currently installed on the device, open the Lucity Mobile Work application, click the menu button, and select “About”.

If you’d like to try out Lucity Mobile Work at no cost, feel free to download it from Google Play and give it a shot! You can connect to our trial environment by tapping “Request Credentials” on the welcome screen.  After receiving your credentials via e-mail, simply tap “Try it Out” and follow the instructions.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below or visit us at Lucity Listens.

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