Lucity’s Expanded Support Center!

We’re so very excited to announce the release of a new (and greatly improved) Lucity support site! We’ve rolled many of our most-used features from the Clients Only site into the Lucity Support Center and put everything you need in one place.

A few things we’d like to call to your attention:

  • Accessing the site – You can still access the Lucity Support Center in the same way that you are now. The URL hasn’t changed (
  • Search – We now have powerful search functionality that didn’t formerly exist on our Clients Only site.
  • Knowledge Base – With the roll-out of our new help desk in May of 2013, we added a Knowledge Base. This has been and will continue to grow over time. Be sure to check it out and contribute via comments and/or thumbs up!
  • Enter a Support Request – With the new Lucity Support Center you have the ability to log a support request directly from the site (as opposed to clicking on the ‘help desk’ button first).
  • Installation media and service pack downloads – These have been combined into a single page for quicker navigation (admin access still required).
  • NEW Community Section – These are message boards that are fueled by you – our user community! They are divided into a few categories to get you started. We encourage you to post questions, comments, tips and tricks for the entire Lucity user group to see. You’ve got an extremely valuable resource in each other – this is where you’ll really see that utilized. And our awesome support team will be checking in regularly as well.

This site will be live tomorrow, Wednesday, July 16th. So take a look around…let us know what you think! If you can’t find something that you think you may need, just let us know at or in the comments below.



If you’re a Lucity System Administrator please note:

As your organization’s administrative user you previously had login credentials to download patches and updates from the Clients Only site. Your download admin rights will now be tied to your Lucity Support Center login – this is the same account you may be using to submit support tickets. Please note that your existing Clients Only credentials (e.g. – adm50111) are now obsolete.  When you log into the Support Center you will automatically have access to install media, service pack downloads and the ability to submit requests – all from one spot.

The new Support Center also provides users with complete control of their accounts, including the ability to change your password and automated password resets.  Additionally, if your organization would like multiple download admins, you can contact support ( to set this up.

If you did not previously have an account in our Support Center, one will be created for you. So be on the lookout for a welcome email and make sure to follow the instructions for logging in and resetting your password. If you need any help with this process, just contact us at and we’ll give you a hand!

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