Life at Lucity >> Words of Wisdom

Our Vice President and COO, Jim Graham, just posted this message to the Lucity team on our intranet. It speaks volumes, and really touches on our corporate values and goals.  I thought it was definitely worth sharing to offer a little insight (and maybe inspiration?) to you, our users. Enjoy!


I’ve listened to a radio commentator this week explore the notion of “where there is comfort, there is no growth” and considered it within the context of our company. We have indeed reached a point where we have created (and enjoy) “comfort zones”, but continuing to operate within those confines can stifle our growth. 

When I think of growth of our company, it’s not “more” or “bigger” – it’s “better”. And those comfort zones? They can be barriers to achieving that “better”. 

The thought “there’s probably a better way, but it’s too hard to change” has often surfaced in my mind when examining the things I do and how I do them. Have you shared that thought? If so, then you (like me) surely recognize the challenge of breaking through and expanding rooted comfort zones. I believe it’s important for our company’s growth that we all take on that challenge.

The mid-20th century (fictional) coach/philosopher Jimmy Dugan said (in reference to baseball, but I’ll apply it to our software biz), “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.” 

Let’s always strive for the “better”, and continue to make Lucity great!

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