Let’s root, root, root for the home team!

2014-10-17 09.04.02We Kansas City Royals fans are giddy folks these days, with our team taking the American League pennant and heading to the World Series. The amazing 2014 postseason run Lucity’s hometown Royals are currently on is all the more special given the decades of baseball futility we’ve endured since taking the World Series crown in 1985.

A special time indeed – in fact, the Royals’ impact extends beyond its fan base and geographic market. Evidence the 10/16/14 article from The Atlantic titled “The Kansas City Royals’ Huge Appeal”.

When I read the article, I was surprisingly struck by similarities in how the author casts the Royals’ play and how Lucity strives to do business. Excerpts of note:

  • “… they play the right way”
  • “They are a team without stars. Their very make-up demands it. Everyone on the roster must be a “role player.” Better yet, they like it that way.”
  • “They win by being tough and smart, by adhering to classic, proven values, but while having fun, playing as a team, and always believing that good things will happen.”
  • “…teamwork will still win you something that money can never buy, and a relentlessly abiding faith in the future still can make even the craziest dream come true.”

The Lucity team is comprised of a diverse bunch that takes on specific roles, with each individual making their essential contributions. Development and testing, implementation and support, sales and marketing – each area requires unique skills, expertise, and approaches. Our success is derived from all these roles/individuals sharing, understanding and realizing the clear goal of working together to ensure productive long-term client relationships. For Lucity, that’s winning.

Our objective is to win “the right way” through Lucity business practices driven by those “classic, proven values”. There isn’t anything novel in these values, but it’s always remarkable when they are steadfastly followed – respect and value employees, clients and partners, be open and honest in interactions; willingly sacrifice short-term comfort for long-term gains; always learn and improve; work hard and … have fun. That’s the Lucity game plan.

From the author’s view the Royals “… love the fans, and take huge delight in connecting with their city”. And to a person, Lucity shares the same levels of affection for our clients and satisfaction in the connections we make. That’s the joy in all this, Royals baseball and Lucity’s business – and I consider myself fortunate in experiencing both.

Go Royals!

2 comments on “Let’s root, root, root for the home team!

  1. Ginger Chabot says:

    Where did you get that bobblehead? Since neither my Minnesota Twins or Arizona Diamondbacks have given me anything to cheer about this year I became a Royals fan because of Lucity.

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