Thanksgiving at Lucity

Last week we celebrated an early Thanksgiving here at Lucity, complete with turkey and all the trimmings. (The pumpkin cheesecake dessert was especially delicious.) As we ate and talked about how grateful we were to get to eat another Thanksgiving meal, we decided to make a big list of things we are grateful for. The topics range from food (shocker) to awesome co-workers to fantastic clients. Take a look at our list, and add your thoughts in the comments.  Happy Thanksgiving! Continue reading

Expand the Lucity GIS Editing Environment with Feature Services

With version 2014r2, Lucity added functionality that greatly expands its GIS integration capabilities with the use of feature services.  No longer are you bound to an Esri® ArcMap edit session for synchronizing geodatabase edits to Lucity.  Edits to a feature service, regardless of who did it and what environment they did it in, can now be automatically synchronized with Lucity.

You can publish your GIS data linked to Lucity as a feature service and then deploy that feature service to:

  • Collector for ArcGIS (iOS & Android)- including disconnected editing
  • Lucity Web Map
  • Lucity Mobile (coming soon for Android and iOS)
  • map viewer
  • Trimble® Positions™
  • Any other 3rd party app that supports feature service editing.  A list of possibilities can be found here.

Edits made to the feature service in any of these environments then have the ability to be synchronized with Lucity automatically.  For example, you could have crews in the field creating new asset or inspection data using Esri’s Collector for ArcGIS app and in near real-time their changes will be reflected in the Lucity database back in the office.


Here are more details on how to set this up for your agency:

Continue reading

Looking Into Lucity >> November’s Issue

The months of October and November are always fun for us as we review the notes that we took during ACT and decide which items might benefit you the most that we can slip into the next release (while not impacting what was already planned).   ACT was great this year for ideas and we think you will really like some of the enhancements that we will be including.  Over the next several months we will be detailing some of these.  For a quick idea of what’s coming: Continue reading

Added Value and Seamless Integration

We collaborate with our valued strategic business partners to extend the value of Lucity enterprise asset management software and service offerings available to our client community. For those that attended the recent 2014 Annual Conference & Training (ACT) event, you had the opportunity to meet and interact with several of those partners who participated as ACT sponsors. Since ACT, our partner engagement has included efforts with Esri, TruePoint Solutions, and Innovyze. Continue reading