Added Value and Seamless Integration

We collaborate with our valued strategic business partners to extend the value of Lucity enterprise asset management software and service offerings available to our client community. For those that attended the recent 2014 Annual Conference & Training (ACT) event, you had the opportunity to meet and interact with several of those partners who participated as ACT sponsors. Since ACT, our partner engagement has included efforts with Esri, TruePoint Solutions, and Innovyze.

We will be participating this month in annual meetings at Esri’s corporate headquarters in Redlands, CA. These meetings will include discussions focused on technical alignment of Esri’s and Lucity’s respective software products, and joint business planning. In February 2015, Lucity will be participating as a Platinum sponsor of the inaugural Esri Water Conference in Portland, OR. Look for a Lucity-related presentation during the conference’s technical sessions, and an editorial in a forthcoming issue of Esri News for Water & Wastewater.

With TruePoint Solutions, we are teaming together for delivery of Asset Management Information System implementation services for a project with a major metropolitan utility authority in the Midwest that kicks off this month. TruePoint will assist with project management, systems integration, and training. This project will add to TruePoint’s already extensive and successful résumé for Lucity software deployments.

Also this month, we are initiating a Lucity implementation project with a sewer district in the Southeast US. The district intends to utilize asset inventory and condition assessment data managed within their Lucity Computerized Maintenance Management System with the infoMaster software product from Innovyze. infoMaster is Esri ArcGIS-based asset integrity management and capital planning software the district intends to use for operational management and network planning decision-support. Lucity and Innovyze are working together to refine integration between our respective products that can be effectively delivered as “off-the-shelf” solutions.

We are looking forward to our 2015 Regional User Group meetings throughout the spring at locations across the US (stayed tuned to this Lucity blog for a future post with details). We expect Esri, TruePoint, and Innovyze to participate in these meetings as well – sharing success stories of Lucity clients that have realized the benefits of our partnership efforts.

We’d be happy to provide further details if you have any questions about these solutions.

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