Looking Into Lucity >> November’s Issue

The months of October and November are always fun for us as we review the notes that we took during ACT and decide which items might benefit you the most that we can slip into the next release (while not impacting what was already planned).   ACT was great this year for ideas and we think you will really like some of the enhancements that we will be including.  Over the next several months we will be detailing some of these.  For a quick idea of what’s coming:

  • A “Needs Repair” flag on inspections to automatically generate work orders.
  • Ability to assign assets to zones which will carry over to work orders and assign associated zone supervisors.
  • Use a work order template when generating a work order from a request (web only).
  • Additional user-defined and comment fields across asset and inspection modules.

As always, even if you weren’t able to attend ACT, we love to hear client feedback and suggestions.  If you have an idea about something you would like to see in future versions of Lucity, submit your idea anytime at Lucity Listens.

What’s New >>>

This month, we’re going over a new Equipment toolkit item released with Version 2014.  This tool allows you to replicate an Equipment asset, including various attributes and child records, quickly and easily.  This tool is especially useful when adding multiple identical pieces of Equipment, or replacing an old piece of Equipment with an identical or similar new piece of Equipment.  Andrea Fowles goes over the tool in this Replicate Equipment video.

Focus On >>>

Missed ACT?  Take advantage of short training session on Accessing Data Yourself from Lucity Web.  This training session is the web-only version of a class we usually offer at ACT.  Andrea Fowles will be going over how to filter, group, and sort data in Lucity Web.  The video will also demonstrate various ways of sharing, displaying and exporting the data that you have.  For the original training guides, which include more advanced filtering as well as the desktop version of these tools, download the pdf file of the Accessing Data Yourself training guide in the ACT 2014 Training Guide section of our Support Center.

In Case You Missed It Last Month >>>

From the Lucity Blog >>>

Have a suggestion for a topic you would like to see covered next month?  Let us know!

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