Lucity Gains ArcGIS Online Specialty Designation

ArcGIS OnlineIn November 2014, Esri informed us that Lucity qualified for the Esri Partner Network (EPN) ArcGIS Online Specialty. The Specialty designation is for “those partners that have made ArcGIS Online an integral part of their business and want to increase their business around ArcGIS Online”.

Luke Savage (Lucity Customer Services Specialist) completed our successful qualification process efforts which included reviewing related Esri content, activating and configuring Lucity’s Online subscription, attending an Esri Best Practices Workshop, and sharing related Lucity customer success stories.

According to Esri, ArcGIS customers are “increasing their use of the cloud to extend and enhance their existing spatial workflows, [and] the online capabilities provided by ArcGIS Online has become a key enabler”. Esri’s goal with the ArcGIS Online Specialty is to encourage and enable partners to “expand customer adoption and use of ArcGIS Online”.

The previous Lucity blog post “Expand the Lucity GIS Editing Environment with Feature Services” from Eric Daniel (Lucity GIS Applications Developer) provided detail of how Lucity software (with Version 2014r2) currently interacts with ArcGIS Online applications and synchronize with the ArcGIS platform. What can our clients expect in the future regarding Lucity’s leveraging of the ArcGIS platform, specifically ArcGIS Online? Per Nicole Schmidt (Lucity Product Manager), “we plan to support client configurations of the Lucity Web and Lucity Mobile products to consume maps authored in ArcGIS Online, then shared across the enterprise. These maps can be built with content from ArcGIS Online and/or private GIS services”.

We have gained experience setting up ArcGIS Online for Lucity clients, and training users; and provided an “Introduction for ArcGIS Online for Lucity” workshop at the Lucity Annual Conference & Training (ACT) event to showcase how ArcGIS Online can be used with Lucity/GIS data. With the understanding that many agencies need focused IT/GIS assistance with creating an integrated environment for Lucity and Esri, we offer “Lucity Quick Start” services to enable your agency to quickly start serving “WebMaps” throughout your organization.

With Quick Start:

  • We evaluate software licensing, training, hardware, and network needs and implement ArcGIS for Server plugged into Lucity for quick deployment;
  • We document your system, and add automated maintenance routines to keep your system in perfect health; and
  • We train your staff on how to maintain and publish GIS data, help set up your ArcGIS Online account, and provide examples of how you can use ArcGIS Online with Lucity.

We’re excited with the ArcGIS Online Specialty, and know it’s the beginning of great things for Lucity/Esri users. Your input (as always) is highly valued, and we’d like to hear from you – please take a moment to express your thoughts here to the GIS Community on the Lucity Support Center. If you’d like more information on Lucity Quick Start, contact Luke at

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