Lucity Mobile 1.5 for Android Released


No, that is not PacMan™ with a Rudolph nose, it’s feature editing! Has your crew ever been out in the field and realized that the geometry at a specific location has changed? Whether it’s a new tree that was just planted or the expansion of a facility parking lot, these kinds of changes can be troublesome to get exact when back at the office. This issue is now avoidable with the release of Lucity Mobile 1.5 for Android. Along with feature editing, several other new features have been added with this release:

  • Improvements to map stability and usability
  • Base maps
  • Multi-select and find dialog improvements
  • Open in another view

Let’s take a closer at each one.

Map Improvements

Feature Editing:

Feature editing allows users to create new features, edit an existing feature’s geometry and basic attribute information, and allows for deletion of features. New functionality available in the Lucity 2014r2 release allows for these changes made in the field to be reflected in Lucity automatically without forcing features to synch in a traditional desktop GIS edit session.

To use feature editing, you will need to be on a map that supports editable features. Select “Feature Editing” from the menu and choose the layer to edit. Only one layer may be edited at a time. If a layer has feature templates available, users can select from the list of available templates. Feature templates allow a GIS administrator to pre-configure the editing experience. These are configured before the map service is published.


In addition to editing geometry, the application also allows for the edit of attributes on new and existing features:


Feature editing for mobile is only available in online maps for clients using Lucity 2014r2 or higher. Offline maps do not support editing.

Map Configuration and Base Maps

The user interface for viewing and selecting maps and layers have now been grouped together in a single window with toggle buttons across the top to switch between panels. To access this window, select Map Configuration from the menu.

Base maps are a new for this release and are available from the new Map Configuration window. The current base map selection is preserved for future map sessions.


Multi Select improvements

In addition to these new GIS features, the multi-select dialog and find asset dialog have been improved.  They now remember your choices so you will not need to re-select them if you are always working with the same type of data.  Multi-select will remember the last selection and open newly created inspections/requests as well.

View Improvements

Open In Another View

On the views portion of the Lucity Mobile application, you are now able to open select child items in a new view to drill into further children and grand children. For example, opening a new view from the associated work order child on a request or viewing sewer TV inspection details (such as observations) from a sewer pipe module view. This functionality is available for clients using Lucity 2014r2 and higher.


In addition to these new functions, this release contains several bug fixes for online and offline GIS maps.

 How to try it out

To check for a new version of Lucity Mobile, open Google Play and select My Apps. Items that have a new version available will say “Update available.”  To enable updates automatically, open the Lucity Mobile details page on Google Play and check the box that says “Allow automatic updating.”  To check what version of Lucity Mobile is currently installed on the device, open the Lucity Mobile application, click the menu button, and select “About”.

If you’d like to try out Lucity Mobile at no cost, feel free to download it from Google Play and give it a shot! You can connect to our trial environment by tapping “Request Credentials” on the welcome screen.  After receiving your credentials via e-mail, simply tap “Try it Out” and follow the instructions.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below or visit us at Lucity Listens.

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